Surrender2Luv Dating app
We're a Dating Community for transformed human beings 
A unique community based on trust!
We are a transformed community that knows that without integrity nothing works. Therefore, Surrender2Luv is 100% based on integrity. We trust you to grant access to this app to transformed human beings only.
We know, we know, we all have that great BFF yet to be transformed that we want in here so they can match with the love of their life. After all their really really... reeeally “nice” and Surrender2Luv is working soooo good for us, with all this great and transformed drama free Luvers, right? (of course we want them here!).

That’s why you more than anybody else wants that BFF of yours transformed ASAP. Please do them a huge favor and enroll them first in one of the thousands of available personal development programs. So, they can get their life out of it and then and only then invite your friend to sign-up for Surrender2Luv. We'd love to have them then :)
Be a role model for them, because if you aren't, we’re ALL at risk of dating that really really “nice” somebody else’s yet to be transformed BFF, including YOU! ;) So, please be and honor your word and your agreement with us. ( Terms & Conditions)
How do I become a Luver?
To become a user of Surrender2Luv (a luver) your access has to be granted, first by a friend of yours that is already a Surrender2Luv Luver, and ultimately by us. Please follow these steps below to sign-up :
  1. Contact a friend that is already a Surrender2Luv LUVER and get the email address he/she uses to login into Surrender2Luv.
  2. Download Surrender2Luv app and go to “Sign up now”. Register introducing yours and your friend’s email address.
  3. We'll match your email with your friend's information and grant your access.
  4. We'll activate your new LUVER account in 24 to 48h and we'll send you a notification by email. 
  5. Congrats you're now a  Surrender2Luv LUVER, enjoy and create a powerful profile :)

Please see our recommendations at the end of this page on how to create your profile.   
What we consider transformation
Transformed or personally developed human beings are those who have done any Personal development activity, joined a practice or completed courses, seminars, conferences, or other similar endeavors that at least lasted 1-3 days. Those activities improved their talents, their potential, raised their vibration and ultimately transformed them into a more aware human being. 

According to Wikipedia: "Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations..."

Please note that no free introductions of any kind or duration to those courses, seminars, conferences, etc... are consider personal development for us, you actually have already completed the course before joining us.

For more details please search online for “Personal development courses” . As an example please check: www.NLPstore, &

When you contact them for courses and/or products information, please mention that you found out about them through Surrender2Luv Transformed Dating app.
Luvers Rating process
We have put together a great rating system to keep this dating app in integrity. You're going to have an opportunity to privately rate your dates, not from a space of “he’s not cute enough, or she’s not tall enough, or fun enough... ” but from a transformational point of view. Please note that we won't post your comments, just the rating you give your Luvers. 
As we know, without integrity nothing works. So, If for whatever reason you receive 10 reviews and your average rating is below 2,5; your account will be deactivated right away as well as the account of the immediate friend that got you in Surrender2luv. Before that happens you'd receive three notifications from us (when you reach reviews #: 4, 6 & 9).        
If after all you truly are a transformed human being, after a period of time you'll have an opportunity to restore your integrity with the Surrender2Luv community if you choose to do so.
Surrender2Luv Encorages you to
  B e creative and vulnerable while putting your profile together. Take advantage of this extraordinary and safe community to share from your transformation and not from your "ordinary life".  We all have an "ordinary profile" that we've used before and took us so far. Not good, not bad, just a result. This is an exclusive and safe community, share from your transformation. Instead do something like this:

"Hi luvers! I've been in personal development since XXXX and my biggest breakthrough in the area of romantic love/or the biggest breakthrough of my life is __________

I'm looking for somebody that is able to give things up quickly, that doesn't make up stories all the time, capable of generating and take responsibility as I do and ready to DREAM BIG with me. Please be up to big things in life. :) and if you do, feel free to message me! :) "

Then when you actually do match with your Luver and before you date him or her, you'll have the opportunity to ask them if they like hiking, biking, reading, sunsets at the beach, what kind of job they have or if they like cream and sugar in their coffee...

Stand in your power with integrity and generosity in every interaction. Ask your dates for their transformational experience. Please be safe and follow Surrender2Luv dating tips ( Dating tips).